Apr 5, 2012

Forthcoming Apologetics Interview

Apologetics315 is one of the premier sites on the web for all things apologetics.
Recently, the man behind the scenes there, Brian Auten, interviewed me for the site.
It should be dropping within the week. When it does, I'll give you the link. Until then, let me get you all excited by showing you some of the things we discussed ...

Here were some of the interview questions

Well Vocab...
  • Would you mind telling our listeners a bit more about yourself and what keeps you busy?

  • You're a blogger, a hip hop artist, you're an evangelist and apologist, a seminary student, a podcaster... theer's a bunch of different topics I'd love to talk about. But let's start with recent events: By the time this interview is released you will have just finished a debate on the topic, "Does Evil Nullify God's Existence?" — tell me about this debate.
  • So you're often in debates with atheists or skeptics, whether a more formal one like this one, or just on the street... And one thing you've recently been working through with your blog and podcast is a series: Atheists and Christians: A Case for Friendship. Hey—wait a minute, aren't these two groups supposed to hate each other?! Talk about it...

  • How important do you think relationships are in evangelism and apologetics?

  • It seems that one of the biggest hinderances to engagement is an adversarial approach (from whichever party)... speaking to apologists, how would you want to encourage people to engage, relate, and befriend people they are speaking with?

  • So—your podcast is called Backpack Radio ... you hit on a lot of different topics, you've done interviews with Greg Koukl, Daniel Wallace, and others...  tell our listeners a bit about it (why it's called Backpack Radio) and what they can find there.
  • Alright, Vocab, now let's talk a bit about hip hop and rap—what's your background with the hip hop scene? Can you talk about your background and music a bit?
  •  What sort of goals do you have as an artist? And what topics do you explore in your music?

  • Well if someone follows your blog (or on Facebook) they might be familiar with some of your presentations for Wayne Grudem's systematic theology class... what's the deal with that? Has Dr. Grudem hired you to do this now? And can we have a quick sample of maybe one of these Grudem raps?
  •  What role does apologetics play for you as an artist, in your music, with how you want to engage Christians and non-Christians?
  • Can you talk about cultural engagement... perhaps being in the world but not of the world... what's the challenge for Christians to actually engage and impact culture?
  • Back to evangelism... what would you want to say to Christians in order to challenge them to be active in doing evangelism in their communities? If they are completely non-engaged, how can they get active in some way?

  • Now would you mind speaking to apologists a bit? How would you want to encourage apologists or even seminary students to be active in putting what they have learned into practice?

  • I wonder if you'd mind pointing our listeners to your stuff online... what albums would you want to steer them to, videos, and your blog?

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