Apr 11, 2012

Feedback from the Debate on God and Evil

"Every time I listen to Atheists try and defend their unbelief I fall more in love with Jesus. I mean that with my whole heart. My brother Vocab Malone demonstrated tonight in the debate that: God is the very necessary pre-condition of all of life." - Jeff Durbin
"Our friend Vocab is to be commended for the equanimity with which he dealt with a frustrating meeting. I'm an atheist, as you know, so am not brought to any stronger feelings with regard to the ideas of either God or Jesus. For those of us who work in our particular kinds of helping professions, Vocab exemplified the kind of 'tolerance for the bizarre' that I know that Jeff is familiar with in his work, that I could not muster in the face of last night's almost hysterical atheist assertions, and that I hope Randy will will one day appreciate in the course of his own work." - Wade Austin Padgett 
"Whoa! Definitely a different atmosphere than when you debated Wade and Omar. I am very impressed and really appreciate the level of humility and respect Vocab shows in light of the atheists arrogance and disrespect in this debate." - Andrea Ortega 
"Hey thanks for the debate Vocab ... and really, thanks for the opportunity I really enjoyed it and thank you for making it happen. Let me know where I can send a donation to your church for any costs that might have been associated from the event. Really, I mean it." - Randy Chesley 
"Thanks for putting these and the debate together, having us out and so on." - Jason Short 
"Fascinating. I disagree completely with the premise of God being responsible for evil. It appears that people want to have their cake and eat it too. They want their ability to choose but in turn blame God for bad things happening. When will people get through their heads that because humans can choose...the can choose evil. Such a position as this is reprehensible and irresponsible." - Dave Anthes 
"Your debate from last week made a cameo in my class today..."  - Kris Sitton 
"Jesus said to them, 'Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand' (Matt 12:25). The two atheists debating against Vocab were also debating or disagreeing with each other.  Also, Christians have the Word of God as their authority and it has never changed (2 Tim 3:16). I think the last question that Jeff asked sealed the deal (they couldn't provide an answer). Great debate!" - Emilio del Toro 
"How did your debate go the other night? It was in my prayers all day long." - Eric Hand 
"They weren't very clear about most of their positions. The only thing that was completely clear is that the existence of superfluous and egregious evils constitute evidence against God. But I don't know any theist who would disagree with that. They need to show that we're in an epistemic position to know that there are such evils, and they didn't come close to showing that. The fact that it seems likely to them is hardly interesting. It seems quite unlikely to me. I'm not sure why I should consider it likely given that I have strong to passable reasons for thinking there is such a being as God. As far as I can tell, they don't offer anything that might persuade the theist. So long as one doesn't share their psychological defects, one need not be persuaded by their flimsy suggestion that there simply are unnecessary evils." - Sanjay Merchant

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