Apr 13, 2012

Apologetics315 Interview [audio]

Here is the link to the audio of an interview I was blessed to do with Brian Auten of Apologetics315. Here is the description of the interview by Brian:

Today's interview is with apologist and hip-hop artist
Vocab Malone. He talks about his debates, relationships with atheists, being confrontational without being adversarial, the Backpack Radio podcast, "street-level" apologetics, his background in hip-hop, purpose and message in the music, Wayne Grudem's systematic theology raps (you'll hear one), being in the world but not of it, overcoming challenges to engagement, cultural involvement and discernment, being committed and submitted to the local church (great stuff), putting knowledge into practice, and more. Check out BackPackRadio.com or BackPackTruth.com for Vocab's stuff.

Full Interview MP3 Audio here.
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