Mar 26, 2012

A Defender of Charles Russell Responds to My Article on Russel

In 2010, I wrote a brief piece on one of Charles Taze Russell's older writings. You can read it here. Recently, a blogger who looks to be a defender of Mr. Russel, has written a response to my piece, which you can read here: "Another "Close Examination" of Russell's Writings".

First off, I am grateful the author links my post in his post. It is always a positive sign when you allow people to read the other side - I commend the author for this.

The author also gives me the benefit of the doubt when he writes:

"I do not believe that author the "Backpack" blog was intentionally trying to misrepresent Russell; much of what he stated appears to be similar to what others have stated, and to a great extent is done in ignorance of what Russell actually taught."

This is also an admirable thing to do. Furthermore, the author helped me in seeing that I need to put a note somewhere on all my posts that say who I am or something. The author referred to me as the author of the Backpack blog - I don't fault him, I need to be more clear. I may even go back and do that to this post.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this to let the readers know. I hope they read his piece and then read mine. I am in the middle of a pretty nasty semester at school, though, and am unsure of when I can respond to this. I really do want to though, as I can tell researching the author's post would teach me a lot. Pray the time presents itself!

Vocab Malone (John-Mark Rieser)
Host of Backpack Radio and Pastor at Roosevelt Community Church

PS - To take a look at the writings under discussion, here is a free online version from the
1st Edition from 1889

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