Sep 22, 2009


Recently, a reader sent in this question:

Do you have anything on this kind of thing to help equip me? I'm planning on going to witness.

It's Dreamweaving Divas time again! I hope your dreamboards are manifesting as we speak! Dreamweaving Divas presents, "The Living Matrix"- a documentary about the power of belief and its healing capabilities; The body and mind connection. Following the movie, we'll have an inspiring discussion about the power of our thoughts and how they manifest in our everyday lives. We'll discuss how to shift our thoughts and vibration so that we begin to create our life as we want it. This is about exploration of the possible and the "impossible".

I don’t know about any of the other girls in the group- but my friend is totally new age, relativistic, “free soul” type girl, so I am assuming that a lot of these other girls are the same as well. I kind of feel like I am going into the lion’s den, but I feel like it is a good opportunity to witness. I am going to try to talk about how I can’t do anything by my power - or a “fields” power - that it is only through Christ. We will see how it goes - if you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks!


I only could find one halfway decent review of the film. It is from a web site called The Floating Bones Journal which says it deals with "the physics of our musculoskeletal system, structural health, and the profound value of body/mind work". The author of the blog is an (atheistic?) skeptic named Phil Earnhardt. No, he is not a Christian but provides some much needed critical thought in regards to this new film. Below I have pasted a summary of his review, I think you will find it very helpful indeed.

The bottom line: the film attempts to establish a connection between our health/well-being and quantum physics. It does this with interviews from about a dozen alternative healings experts and a narrator. The only thing that's missing in their discussion is the science: no theories linking quantum physics to health/well-being are ever mentioned, and the website contains no links to any papers. I talk about this bad science in a small article: . I’ve also posted a full review of the movie in .

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