Aug 26, 2009

New Vocab Album for Download!

DJ Cre One presents …
Vocab Malone & Smoove TRG
Release Date: October 13, 2009
Label: Baked Vinyl Studios
Format: Download Card
Download/contact info:

In light of the ugly and vicious Midwest vs. Southwest rap wars that have taken place, three brave souls have risen up: one who is an Arizona native – DJ Cre One; another who is an Ohio native – Smoove TRG and another who has lived in both places – Vocab Malone. They are going to put a stop to the beef once and for all with a display of hip hop unity. No, just kidding, there were no such wars.

Actually, the group’s desire is to break down all the stereotypes about height, weight and especially color: Cre is of Mexican descent, Smoove is black, and Vocab is white but prefers to be referred to as a Sicilian Italian – whatever, right? No, that’s not true either, the group could care less about such descriptives, they just all happen to be friends. Now that part is actually true.

See, what it happened was, one day Vocab mused to Cre about how fresh it would be to have all his Ohio homies spittin’ over some of Cre’s beats. Cre agreed since he felt that rappers from Columbus seemed to have better eye brows than those from Phoenix.

The first thing Vocab did was contact Smoove the Reformed Geek - by way of his personal assistant, of course – who after extensive contractual negotiations decided to be down (Smoove also demanded to receive at least 25% on any lunch boxes we sold with the Columbus Connect logo on them). Smoove then used his global networking matrix to get a few other Columbus cats locked in on the project. Then Cre called in a couple of favors to get some nice Phoenix mc’s to contribute. The result is the Columbus Connect.

A week later, the group fell apart when Smoove slammed a folding chair into Vocab’s back during a studio session . For the record, Smoove was rightly upset with Vocab because he had used up 32 takes to pronounce the word “rural” correctly. Fortunately, Cre brought his extensive reconciliatory skills to bear on the problem and by the end of the day, the guys had everything all patched up.

On a more serious note, the sound of the album is definitely a nod to the 90’s underground hip hop vibe, with organic jazz and soul samples taking precedence over electronic sequencing and straight forward rhymes as opposed to effects saturated vocals. The result is a fresh and unique sound – never over the top but still brimming with vitality.

Lyrically, the group’s desire was to present serious content in an undeniably engaging fashion. Since many of the 16 tracks focus on the person and work of Jesus, hopefully this goal was realized. If you have been waiting for a more authentic and pure hip hop feel infused with talk about the things that matter most – then preview (and please download!) the Columbus Connect album today at

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