Jun 8, 2009


About 70 - if you’re lucky ...
Years, that is
Cause that’s all that the Good Lord gives
But in the intern
Throw up your hands and curse the day you will die
Cause you will – curse and die, that is
Trust your legacy to the memories of others!
Trust your words to the pens of strangers!
And give your thoughts over to someone else’s lips!
If they even happen to notice, that is!
If they do, still dead, if they don’t, even deader still
… be still
A few fortnights henceforth the corpse shifts shapes
and in a year flesh meshes with the dirty landscape
No escape –
shake the hand of fate on a preordained death date, wait
Maybe some mourn but the hands of time still gyrate
Heart now in a dead man’s chest like a Disney pirate
Irate cause our lives melt to dust
so it seems just so unjust
Trust that passions perish with one’s passing
And possessions ...
get passed on to parents peers or re-possesors
Successors were standing in line
to take your place and they ditched
As soon as you were in the ditch that the diggers dug, dig it, Doug
Ain’t so Fresh once you on E, G, no re-fills to get back to F, fool
Is what we are if we only live our moments for the moment
Cause one day that moment comes
and we have no choice but to jam on it
Like Apache the Grim Reaper grabs the machete
to slap the skull of all who lived dull
As well as those who lived fly as wings from Red Bull
So can you dig it?
Boy before your body and joy gets destroyed
By Mr. Cancer you better know the answer
Girl before your curls turn grey and your pearls burn away
You better know the only hair style that won’t fade away
Fade away fade away
Cause life is nothing but a broken whisper
An Etch-a-Sketch picture, a busted blister
Life is an all day trip to the carnival that ends
Once the carnal caravans vans pull out of town
Life is nothing but a noun
But it can be found to be truly profound
But you better find out before the only way you can look up
Is from a rectangle lying the average man’s height below the ground
Can ya dig it?

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